Inflatable Repairs Replace or Repair Velcro and Zipper

Remember, Velcro is not just glued onto an inflatable, but rather it is sewed on during original manufacturing by stitching a continuous run of thread along both sides of one strip. Keep in mind that Velcro is a heavy duty cloth material that has on one side thousands of loops bonded to it, and a matching separate strip side compiled of thousands of little hooks. Thus you have the “Hook-and-Loop” identification terminology used in the industry.

Replacement of Velcro strips requires covering of hundreds of existing needle holes by the replacement strip. Otherwise you have many exposed holes that are leaking air continuously.

You must first remove the damaged Velcro and then run two lines of vinyl glue along the exposed original stitch line covering all exposed holes. Then you need to place the new Velcro atop the vinyl and position it exactly along the previous positioning at time of original manufacturing. Once the Velcro adheres to the vinyl, you must then sew the Velcro on both sides with a new line of stitching taking care NOT to sew over the original needle holes because that area of the vinyl has been weakened and compromised. If you do sew over existing needle holes chances are you are severely weakening the vinyl along that line of stitching because of the two runs of needle hole puncturing along the same line of vinyl. Couple the severe weakening of the vinyl due to the puncturing of the material by sewing hundreds of holes along one line, and then place pulling pressure from the two connected strips of Velcro and you have a recipe for disaster.

If Velcro is not replaced properly, you can bet the house that your inflatable will be in shop much sooner than expected.

Replacement of zippers is very similar to Velcro replacement with the exception that you need to use air-tight zippers that are sewed on in similar fashion to regular sewing of zippers on cloth material. This is a simplistic conceptual explanation however. Realistically speaking, zipper installation and replacement also require sewing technicians experienced in such.

As the famous saying goes, “pay me now or pay me later”. Why chance saving a penny and risk losing a dollar. Have it done right the first time and in the long haul, you’ll be very happy you did.

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