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Repairing of torn vinyl in many cases requires replacement of a section of vinyl that extends from seam to seam. Otherwise you’ll be resorting to patch work which although works, a noticeable and unsightly patched section will be visible to your customer(s). This does not bode well for product quality and aesthetic beauty. No one wants to rent equipment that has been patched. You’ll lose your repeat business.

Many companies offer vinyl repair kits at point of purchase or as an after market maintenance item. If you find yourself in an emergency situation such as having a rental placed at a festival or major event, and your inflatable fails because someone or something has caused the vinyl to be torn, then by all means use the vinyl patch kit to fix the leak immediately. However, in the interest of repeat business, we highly recommend that you have the torn vinyl section replaced. Just the repeat business you’ll secure from providing your clientele with a beautiful bounce house or larger slide will pay for itself ten times over.

The method for repairing torn vinyl is a relatively simple procedure requiring replacement of a particular section of damaged vinyl at the seams. Repairing torn vinyl using this method returns your inflatable bounce house to its original form. Renters will not notice that your inflatable bouncer has been repaired.

To repair an inflatable using a patch kit, we recommend that you patch the inflatable from the inside rather than on the outside. Keep in mind, inflation is pressurized and thus air is being forced outwardly after a jumper has been inflated. You can access most areas on the jumper through a zipper located on the underside or on side of the jumping platform. You’ll have to reach inside the jumper and work your way to the torn area by turning the vinyl inside out - similar to when you invert a tee-shirt after taking it off. Once you’ve reached the affected area you must flatten it out on the ground, cut-out a sufficient size patch to cover the torn area and overlap it by a minimum of two inches in all directions. Then cover the smooth side of the patch with glue provided to you by the manufacturer and cover the torn area with the patch. Place pressure to the patch smoothing out any wrinkles. Then place some type of weight such as a telephone book atop the patch and allow to dry.

NOTE: Be sure to NOT patch a section of the torn vinyl on top of another section of the inflatable. The glue will pass through the torn part of the vinyl and glue both vinyl materials together. REMEMBER! Once vinyl glue has dried, you’ll catch ‘heck’ trying to separate two pieces of vinyl.

Keep in mind, inflatable jumpers are like automobiles. You have to budget-in a small percentage of revenue generated from this bouncer towards maintenance and upkeep. We suggest that you assign 3% of all rental revenues towards upkeep and repairs. You should also put away another 7% of all rental revenues towards future purchasing of jumpers and expansion.

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