Inflatable Repairs, Bounce House Repairs, Bouncer Repairs, Jumper Repairs, Moonwalk Repairs, Spacewalk Repairs, Bouncing Castle Repairs, Super Slide Repairs, Tent Repairs, Advertising Air Balloon Repairs, and All inflatable Bouncy Things Repairs! Remember most manufacturers will not repair someone else’s inflatable … we repair any inflatable on the market.

We can help you with any and all inflatable repairs ...
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We also sell
NEW Inflatables & Used Inflatables including Bouncers, Jumpers, Bounce Houses, Moonwalks, Bouncing Castles, Super Slides, Tents, Advertising Air Balloons, and All inflatable Bouncy Things. Blowers, Liners, Window Netting for all inflatables. Guaranteed Lowest Prices! Made in USA!
We buy used inflatables or we can broker the sale of your used inflatable.

With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing, sales and repairs of all types of inflatable bouncers and advertising products, Inflatable Repairs USA is recognized as a leader in the industry among manufacturers.

Inflatable Repairs USA repairs inflatables of all makes, sizes and models - all over the USA. We come to you, examine your needed repair, and give you a quote on the spot. Our truck picks it up a few days later, and will have it back to you usually within 7 days!

There is nothing more disconcerting in the inflatable industry than to send an inflatable in need of repair across country to a manufacturer without knowing the cost of the needed repairs. You spend hundreds of dollars in freight (shipping) costs without any idea of what the actual repair costs will be. This is no way to do business - although most manufacturers think so! We don’t!

Various types of Inflatable Bounce Repairs:

As we all know, the hidden cost of repairing an inflatable bouncer lies in down-time when your unit is not working for you. At Inflatable Repairs USA, we recognize this hidden cost from the actual loss of revenue generation resulting from down-time.

You cannot rent your inflatable if you don’t have it!

This is why we immediately start repairs on your inflatable upon arrival at one of our strategically located regional repair facilities. Our Field-Inspection Team members and Pick-up and Delivery service take pride in dramatically reducing your down-time between repair and return. Usually your inflatable bounce house is returned to you within a week after pick-up.


If you’re not familiar with Inflatable Repairs USA, you’re not alone! Until recently Inflatable Repairs USA has been committed to working exclusively with only one inflatable bounce house manufacturer. That exclusive commitment is now over and, as a result, our services are now available to the entire bounce house industry.

We devote all of our efforts to providing the bounce house inflatable industry with (a) quality inflatable repair services and (b) turn-key professional consulting that includes proven marketing techniques and Web Design. We will also overhaul your existing internet web page … which will increase your business exposure and inevitably result in increased revenue.

Your inflatable repair concerns will become a thing of the past, and you will also have advisors at your disposal to provide you:

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We service and sell to all of the United States and Canada including but not limited to
, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia,
and all other states.

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